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Katherine [userpic]
my dream life
by Katherine (quietone84)
at April 22nd, 2006 (08:56 am)

A bit ago, a few of my friends wrote entries describing their perfect lives, no holds barred. And then I did mine up. As a lot of it is relevant to this community, I've crossposted it here.

I live in the woods that are currently on my mother's land. The racetrack behind the land has gone bankrupt and I/my mother have bought the bordering parking lot up and it's now a nice meadow.
I live here with a community of people I love, close friends, and people with who I am sympatico - there is an understanding, a spiritual bond between us that cannot be described in words. All of these people are on speaking terms and do not offend each other. There is free love for everybody. Jealousy is not an issue. Also, there are enough people (and the right kinds of people) that all chores and tasks are taken care of by those who actually want to do them. Somebody other than me takes care of the kids and cooks healthy, organic meals.
The building here are somewhat fantastical - underground homes, hobbit holes, caves, treehouses, stone towers, and so on. They were produced without causing harm to the environment and are easy to maintain. While we may not be "off the grid" and are in contact with the rest of the world, we are set up to be entirely self-sustainable and should the rest of the world "stop" we'll be completely okay. Money is unimportant because we have what we need where we are.
My mother is nearby where I can check in and make sure she is doing okay, but for the most part she doesn't need me. I stop in and chat and have a cup of tea and then leave and there are no worries or stress or unpleasantness.
I have a unique and beautiful wardrobe that I designed and sewed myself.
I may not be the one doing most of the work, but I guard these woods and make sure they are treated with respect and work to restore them to their original glory. I know all the plants that are in these woods and how they should be used and cared for. I can talk to the trees. I am friends with the animals. I can move quickly and invisibly though the trees as though I am part of them. Magic is a reality.
My main work is as a craftsperson - not sure what exactly I make, but it is both beautiful and functional.
It is quiet most of the time - there are no racecars, only birds and squirrels and leaves in the winds and the occasional harp player. It gets loud when we celebrate however (and it happens regularly) and then there is much clapping and drumming and bonfire crackling.

...Lucky for me the chances of all this coming true are not that bad. It'll take time but I think I can dream it into existence. Then again, my optimism levels are particularly high today. :)