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onyxhealer [userpic]
by onyxhealer (onyxhealer)
at January 22nd, 2006 (02:06 pm)

So here's a questionnaire, to get the ball rolling on discussion. If you do complete the questionnaire, please put your answers in a separate post, rather than responding with them as a comment to this post. Here goes!

1) Why did you join this community?
2)What initially sparked your interest in living closer to the land and/or ecologically sustainable communities?
3) Describe your ideal community and/or living situation in regards to the interests of this online community. How is it structured? How does it support itself? What do you really love about it, and why is it your ideal? Take some time with this one if you feel like it- it's in some ways the heart of the questionnaire.
4)What would you say your greatest challenges are in terms of obstacles keeping you from achieving this dream? If you joined this community and have achieved your dream, congratulations! Tell instead about what your greatest challenges were, and how you overcame them. (This way you can be an inspiration to the rest of us! ;) )
5) Discuss some issues people face in building such a community that are unique to life in New England. If you can't think of any, or you don't think there are any, just say so and (for the latter at least) say why you feel that way.

This is all meant to get the ball rolling on friendly discussion and be fun and educational for everyone. Have fun with it! :)